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Trilobites and more fossils for sale.

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Flexicalymene granulosa (Foerste, 1909) Flexicalymene granulosa (Foerste, 1909)
Here is a unusualy nice tripple trilobite group of Flexicalymene granulosa  from the Pulaski formation of  Oswego County in New York.
368,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

Bergamia prima (Elles, 1940) Bergamia prima (Elles, 1940)
This is a detailed trilobite of the species Bergamia prima from the Hope Shales of Minsterly.
46,95 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

Mecochirus brevimanus MüNSTER 1839 Mecochirus brevimanus MüNSTER 1839
Here is a very well prepared  long arm shrimp of the species Mecochirus brevimanus.
69,95 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

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