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Trilobites and more fossils for sale.
On Fossils for sale we offer a wide variation of fossils and specialy Trilobites for sale. All fossils that you can buy here are exactly that fossil that is shown on the pictures.Would you like to login? Or would you like to create a new account ?

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Clematocrinus retiarius (Phillips in Murchison 1839 Clematocrinus retiarius (Phillips in Murchison 1839
Here is a wonderfull crinoids pair of the species Clematocrinus retiarius  from the classical site of Wrens - Nest near Dudley.
375,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

Mesolimulus walchi DESMAREST 1822 Mesolimulus walchi DESMAREST 1822
Here is a wonderfull fossil limulus of the species Mesolimulus  walchi from the lithographic limestone of Solnhofen.
850,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

Riedaster reicheli Kutscher & Röper 1999 Riedaster reicheli Kutscher & Röper 1999
Here is a "Solnhofen Starfish" of the species Riedaster reicheli with more than 70 mm.
The Riedaster shows prone and nicely centered on the plare and offers a detailed preservation.
1.250,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843) Carcharocles megalodon (Agassiz, 1843)
Here is a large "Megalodon Tooth" with a nice root and a very nice serration.
165,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

Flexicalymene granulosa (Foerste, 1909) Flexicalymene granulosa (Foerste, 1909)
Here is a unusualy nice tripple trilobite group of Flexicalymene granulosa  from the Pulaski formation of  Oswego County in New York.
368,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

Kimberella quadrata & Kimberichnus teruzzii Kimberella quadrata & Kimberichnus teruzzii
Here is a superb "Vendian Ediacara Fossil" of the species Kimberella quadrata from the Verkhovka - Formation of the Solza River fossil site.
This  Kimberella quadrata does has the trace fossil marks of the species Kimberichnus teruzzi directly in front of the fossil. There is a other trace fossil that is might also associated with the  Kimberella quadrata that is might be evidencefor active movement.
390,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax

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